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Music fun for all ages!

Considering the universal benefits of music across all ages, offering group music play sessions emerges as an enriching and inclusive endeavor. By creating opportunities for individuals of diverse ages to come together and engage in musical activities, such sessions foster a sense of community, connection, and shared joy. For elders, participating in group music play sessions can serve as a revitalizing experience, stimulating memory recall, promoting emotional well-being, and fostering social interaction. Similarly, for younger participants, these sessions provide a platform for exploration, learning, and creative expression, nurturing cognitive development and strengthening interpersonal bonds. Moreover, the intergenerational nature of such gatherings cultivates mutual understanding and respect, bridging generational divides while celebrating the universal language of music. Through these collaborative musical experiences, participants of all ages can find solace, inspiration, and camaraderie, reaffirming the profound impact of music as a unifying force in our lives

Group Music Play Rates:

$55 | 30 min.

$75| 60 min.

Click here for your first FREE 30 minute session!

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