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Playing Guitar

McGeagh Music,
Serving Greensboro and High Point, NC

Tailored Experiences:

Private Instruction, Group Sessions, Music Exploration, Songwriting, and Beyond!

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I offer a comprehensive range of services in Music and Music Education such as Early Childhood classes, Private Lessons, and Community Music Making. If I can’t help you, I will find someone who can!


Early Childhood Music Sessions


Did you know that music development commences at birth and is directly linked to language development?

Providing ample opportunities for meaningful music exploration and participation enables children to form neural connections, enhancing skills in reading, writing, speech, and overall cognitive function.


Group Music Play Sessions

Stimulate cognitive function and promote emotional well-being through interactive musical activities. I foster a welcoming atmosphere for residents to connect, reminisce, and express themselves creatively. Join us in creating a vibrant community where music enriches daily life.


Private Lessons:

Primarily open to Piano, Guitar, Voice, Tuba, Euphonium, Trombone, Music Theory, and Songwriting. Play a different instrument? I can point you towards a reputable lesson provider at 0 cost! 

How can I help?

No matter your age or level of experience I am here to guide musicians on a transformative journey. As the sole proprietor and dedicated instructor, I welcome students of all ages, offering personalized instruction tailored to individual needs and aspirations. Discover the joy of music through engaging lessons designed to nurture creativity and a deep appreciation for musical expression. Whether you're a young learner, an adult seeking to explore a newfound passion, or a group of students, I will create a supportive and inspiring learning environment. I am making myself available to travel, bringing to you flexibility and personalized experience. With my expertise and commitment, individuals will embark on a fulfilling musical adventure full of personal and musical growth. Please consider joining my diverse community of music-makers and experience the transformative power of music. Start your journey today and let the music begin!

If you have a creative idea, let's brainstorm together! I am always open to a free phone or video consultation and will happily build connections.

I warmly welcome students from diverse backgrounds and possess a strong dedication to supporting individuals with ASD, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, chronic Illness, or alternative learning styles.


Philosophy of teaching and what to expect:


As an educator, the characteristic I love the most is having the opportunity to positively impact my students' lives beyond the time spent teaching them. I follow a pragmatic approach, believing that it is my job to ensure my students can learn in whatever way is best for them. 

When presenting material to my students, it is essential to do so in as many ways as possible, including visually, aurally, physically, verbally, and logistically. Each child's brain is uniquely wired to specific learning needs. As an early childhood educator, I have the position of helping my students learn what works best for them at an early age, shaping their future educational endeavors.

Through research, evidence-based educational strategies, and enthusiastic personal engagement, individuals will fully engage with the wonders of music. I possess a unique passion for working with small children with rapidly growing minds. I adopt a playful approach to instruction, fostering solid connections with children through engaging activities. I aim to cultivate positive relationships with music, fostering lifelong healthy relationships with the arts. I highly value individuality and tailor my approach to each distinct opportunity.

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